About us

Glorious Laboratories is one of the largest natural and healthcare products manufacturer in Pakistan. The company was initiated in 2010 and obtained manufacturing enlistment (Form-6) in August 2015.We have pride to get 2nd ranked manufacturing enlistment (Mfg.Enls.No: 002) as a Nutraceutical and Herbal Company from DRAP in Pakistan and have also (Form-7) for many different natural dietary supplement products, that reach the public in a ready to use form, without disturbing their efficacy and natural goodness.


It is a modern and progressive facility that manufactures and market leading brands. It has been offering blend of Nutraceutical & Herbal preparations with the latest advancements in science and technology to provide safe and effective products to its consumers. We ensure that our natural herbal products are on the highest level of purity, quality, safety and effectiveness leading to natural and improved long-term health.